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There are plenty of hotels in Porec Your choice of accommodation for your stay in Porec should be dictated by your personal travel budget, but also by your own interests.

The experience of enjoying Porec, fine cuisine and service while surrounded by the wonders of the Adriatic makes Porec the ultimate destination.

Whether you're looking to rough it or relax in style, Porec can cater for every taste, budget and personal interest.


About Porec

Porec is a town and municipality on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, in Istria County, Croatia. Its major landmark is the 6th century Euphrasian Basilica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

Porec is almost 2,000 years old, and is set around a harbour protected from the sea by the small island of Sveti Nikola (St. Nicholas). The town's population of approximately 12,000 resides mostly on the outskirts, while the wider Porec area has a population of approximately 17,000 inhabitants. The municipal area covers 142 kmĀ², with the 37 km long shoreline stretching from the Mirna River near Novigrad to Funtana and Vrsar in the south.

Porec Tourism

Porec Beach

The natural beauty of Porec's surrounding countryside and turquoise water of the Adriatic have made the city an internationally popular summer vacation destination. oman villas and temples still lie buried among farm fields and along the shoreline of the dozens of surrounding fishing and farming villages. The coastal waters offer beaches, fishing, wreck dives to ancient Roman galleys and World War I warships, cliff diving, and sailing to unspoiled coves and islands large and small.

The tourist industry with its beginnings in the early 20th century represents the most developed economic branch.

The mild climate and the lush Mediterranean vegetation, the enterprising spirit of the local people encouraged them to build the first hotels as early as the beginning of the 19th century and to found the first tourist association. In recent decades Porec has evolved into a modern tourist resort enriched with new facilities every year before the start of the tourist season. In winter, seemingly a quiet and desert place, in summer the town lives with its full life. The name of Porec has been renowned throughout Europe and the whole world thanks to the top sports and cultural events, the most outstanding being the international tennis tournament Croatia Open.

In 1844 the Austrian Lloyd steamship company opened a tourist line which called at Porec. The first tourist guide describing and depicting the town was printed as early as 1845. The oldest hotel is the Riviera, constructed in 1910. Later came the Parentino and others.

Today, tourist infrastructure is intentionally dispersed along the 37 km long coastline, between the Mirna River and the deep Lim valley. The south hosts self-contained centres like Plava Laguna (Blue Lagoon), Zelena Laguna (Green Lagoon), Bijela Uvala (White Cove) and Brulo. To the north, mirroring centres are Materada, Cervar Porat, Ulika and Lanterna. In the high season, the area's temporary population can exceed 120,000.

Porec's heritage can be seen in the historic town centre, in museums and galleries hosted in houses and palaces, many of them still private homes as they have been for centuries. In the off season, weekend visitors from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy visit the area. Sports complexes are developed and used year-round.

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